Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Cuddly creatures--or not.
Not for cuddling.

Probably the size of teacup dogs, tarsiers might be great for cuddling. Except that they do not belong in our children’s arms.

Cartoonish because of their huge, liquid eyes that are sensitive to light, these furry creatures are delicado, in danger of dying out as a species because they are being bred, traded, and made to live in captivity.

Tarsiers, which are endemic in Bohol in the Philippines, are delicate animals.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

    1. There’s a conservation project underway in Bohol, and from reports, it looks as though their efforts are succeeding!! So yes, I truly hope they do not go extinct, too.

      You have a very beautiful blog, btw! Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Laws were meant to be challenged (I think I heard that in Footloose). Maybe a bogeyed cat would do, but they don’t sit the same way! Oh well I have always wanted to pet a Tiger and that has yet to happen, I am sure that would come before owning a Delcado.

        They are mad cute though, it’s too bad they are dying out.

  1. I have not seen one in person but they always fascinated me. One day, I hope to see Bohol and all it’s beautiful places, creatures and people.

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