Five Memoirs, Five Bloggers, No Wailing!

First, a lot of thanks to magoffleash for the inspiration to write again a post that’s more than 6 lines deep.

Also, I’m saying congratulations to her for an amazing blog! Among the many I follow on WP, hers is the blog I click as soon as an email arrives. Seriously. I love the feel of her angst! (Which reminds me, I should start concocting a sob story so that she sends me her novel as soon as it’s finished—free of charge!!! ^_^)

Writing is something I too am passionate about. But between teaching and washing the dishes, there is very little time left for doing anything else. Consoling myself with the fact that I am still placing writing front and center—designing and executing seminar pieces for the staff of a local Bureau, on the one hand, and slugging it out as a textbook writer, on the other—does not quite cut it. Yes, there is still a lot of writing going on, just not the kind I run to magoffleash for. ^_^

So I’m taking on, if belatedly, her challenge to name 5 books and blogs I enjoy, and hopefully inspire others to name theirs, so we each can stalk the others for their reading lists. I am drawn more and more towards creative nonfiction, so I have decided to focus on this genre, by women.

  1. Passages, by Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo. A celebrated travel writer, fictionist, and critic, Jing Hidalgo was my professor in graduate school who actually got me started on writing about my travels, (however sophomoric the attempts were, and still are!), back in the 1990s with a positive evaluation of a paper on first commuting to Laguna. Hidalgo’s many books on her own travels are a delight! This one is a particular favorite, not only because  of what she wrote below. ^_^

  2. jing

  3. Adventures in a Forgotten Country, by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera. Filled with memorable Filipino characters who are always the subject of her vitriol,   this book is cruelly funny but cuts very close to the bone of what’s dead wrong /hate about us.

  4. Oranges are not the only fruit, by Jeanette Winterson. This partly autobiographical narrative is not an easy read because of her penchant for threading postmodern narratives into vignettes from her own romantic past. But I love, love, love her honesty and fearlessness that come through in the book.

  5. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath. It’s Plath’s singular power to get you totally engrossed in what you’re reading you experience her experience becoming your experience. Crazy? I know.

  6. The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion. I love this book for her moving but dry-eyed account of one of the most tragic events that could happen to anyone–losing a spouse. But Didion managed to convey the experience without dissolving into bitter tears and pitiful wailing.

And these are my favorite blogs:

1. wordwewomenwrite

2. lanternpost

3. randomroamings

4. witchininthekitchen

5. mightwar


One thought on “Five Memoirs, Five Bloggers, No Wailing!

  1. You are very kind, I’m so glad we met. Your blog, and you, are lovely and amazing and I am so grateful for your kind support. I am very eager to explore the books you have listed! I read Oranges years ago, and agree with your take on it completely. The others are calling me…

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