Off the Grid and Loving it


When you’re young and gregarious, being off the grid is social death. Seems to be the case with my teenage son whose restlessness I feel each time we head down south on long weekends. Out in Laguna, days are interminable without internet, TV, or cable. He must feel abandoned to be cut off from the company of girl/friends, and fun to which he has a right!

But when you’re neither young nor gregarious, you actually seek out opportunities for tuning out noise. (Thus, a house without cable TV and internet access.)

The coastal town of San Juan, Batangas, with its picturesque coconut-lined roads is the place for some alone time. Mouthful Kota Keluarga carries it a step further with no cell phone signals. This is as far as you can get from the madding crowd. Contemplative landscape encourages meditation and solitary activities like reading and writing. Or, spending hours baking in the sun. Walking up and down the length of the beach, eyes peeled for seashells.


But if getting toast is not your idea of cool, you could simply watch from inside air conditioned cabanas life going slowly by. The colors of this beach town are enough entertainment. Saffron daybreaks, ocean blues and teals, earthy tones of dusk wake up your senses, as only Nature can. It’s Frostian and almost pleasurable to be without human company!

muted tones of dusk
Blues and teals

Misanthropic aspirations must, however, yield to social obligations.

Monday breaks out in blazes


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