“Le’ahi”: Doing Diamond Head

Visiting historic Pearl Harbor was the centerpiece of my 2009 trip to O’ahu; hiking up the 1.1 km to the summit of Diamond Head to see the tuff cone crater, a natural landmark, was it on my 2013 return trip. Le’ahi, the Hawaiian word for the “brow of the ahi fish”, also “wreath of fire” to refer to the “navigational fires” lit to serve as seafarers’ guides, is a geological … More “Le’ahi”: Doing Diamond Head

Hawai’i and the Sky

Hawaiian Air flight 456 to Honolulu was thankfully uneventful: no wacko joking about bombs, or temperatures registering more than 37.5 degrees Centigrade, not even a possibility of a barf anywhere in the cabin. The 10-hour and 17-minute flight ended in Honolulu’s expansive Jetway, on Hawai’i’ s most populous island of O’ahu. I was surprised I … More Hawai’i and the Sky